The Stockholm Swing All Stars was established in 2002.

The idea was to form a band with top jazz and swing players in Stockholm. The four horn players in the front line play a important role in the band. With cleverly written arrangements, mostly by Klas Lindquist and Fredrik Lindborg, the band can play softly as a small group and seconds later explode in a big band fortissimo. The rhythm section gives the band a bouncing ground where solos and ensemble playing become a joy. The members of the Stockholm Swing All Stars are considered as the best in its field in Sweden.

The Stockholm Swing All Stars play swing and jazz music suitable both for concerts and for dancing. The band often plays at lindy hop and other dance events as well as in concert halls around Europe.

Video 1 : The Snowball 2016 - Jam Circle to Stockholm Swing All Star

Video 2 : Promo Stockholm Swing All Stars DVD in a Mellow Tone

Video 3 : Stockholm Swing All Stars - When You're Smiling

The Snowball 2016 - Jam Circle to Stockholm Swing All Stars

Promo Stockholm Swing All Stars DVD in a Mellow Tone

Stockholm Swing All Stars - When You're Smiling


The dream of playing Swing music for Swing dancers, by Swing dancers.

The idea to set up a band started in 2011 by a group of Swing dancers gathered at a local Asian dessert store one evening. Our band Steamed Eggs & Ginger is a home-grown Singapore band, with a local Asian flavor, but not without a hint of (gingery) spice.

Armed with no experience for playing jazz, the band spent the first few years picking up new instruments debuting in 2012 with only a single cover. Since then, the band has grown year by year, expanding our repertoire and contributing to the Swing community with our yearly performances, and other special events.

As dancers ourselves, we hope to give back to the local community by performing fun, memorable and danceable numbers at socials.


Martynas and Egle are one of the leading Lindy Hop couples in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since opening Hoppers' dance studio in Vilnius Martynas and Egle are making lithuanian swing dance scene thrive. Besides teaching they are running Hoppers' dance studio and swing dance events with the goal of helping new lithuanian swing dance talents emerge.

Since 2010 they've been travelling abroad to teach in various swing events. In classes they combine fun, great teaching, dance technique and help you enjoy dancing more than ever! Both of them believe Lindy Hop is a dance, where two dancers move their bodies, affect and inspire each other. Leading and following would be rarely mentioned in our classes, but lots of eyes opening ideas will be spread.

Known for their technicality and energy in their dancing they already have won a few Lindy Hop Strictly and Jack'n'Jill competitions all over Europe. And their most recent Lindy Hop Showcase took 2nd place in European Swing Dance Championships 2015.

"My one and most important goal of every class I teach is to make sure my students have great time, so they want to come back for the next one. They can't improve if they don't come back. I always try to make classes fun, starting with something basic, so less experienced students can catch up, and then adding more advanced movements and variations, so everyone learns something new"
Martynas Stonys

"If one can walk one can dance. Everything else depends on passion and willingness to work!"
Egle Regelskis

Video 1 : ASF 2016 Atlantic Swing Festival - Tribute Show Martynas Egle

ASF 2016 Atlantic Swing Festival - Tribute Show Martynas Egle



Alice started dancing at 4 years old. From 4-14yrs old she had the honor of interpreting almost every single Disney Character from "Dopey" to "Tinker-Bell". She eventually joined a national dance school for another 4 years where she practiced Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz dance daily. Slowly burning out with these dance styles, she began to look for something new. After a few unsuccessful attempts at african dancing, flamenco, and kick boxing she eventually met her true love, Lindy Hop! Since then she has won numerous competitions and have taught all around the world in the past decade.

"I am definitely at my happiest when "swinging it" on the dance-floor, and you will most likely hear me giggling from the other side of the room when social dancing."
Alice Mei


Many ask how Felipe learned Lindy Hop so quickly: transitioning from a toilet-cleaning newbie dancer marveling at the Folkets Hus floor to a Herrang instructor in three short years. The explanation is simple: his pre-Lindy life prepared him for what was to come. Training in theatrical acting gave Felipe body awareness and control as well as an ability to improvise--both in his energetic and now infamous class warm-ups, and in the competitions where he always shines. Felipe's experience playing drums, as well as his youth in Brazil --where the music and dance culture are rich-- gave him an innate sense of rhythm. And finally Felipe's days as a dancing party-animator for a live music club in Brazil gave him plenty of training for getting people excited about dancing in his Lindy Hop classes today. But more important than any of this is that Felipe has embodied the Lindy Hop spirit since before he knew it existed. It is hard to find someone who doesn't like Felipe. His warm personality charms every dancer he meets, and his ability to connect with people in conversation carries over onto the dance floor. He leaves every follower with a smile, and anyone who has danced or talked with him will confirm: he always makes you feel special.

Video 1 : ILHC 2016 - Pro Classic - Felipe Braga & Alice Mei (Brazil - France)

ILHC 2016 - Pro Classic - Felipe Braga & Alice Mei (Brazil - France)


Daniil Nikulin is international dancer, choreographer and teacher at "Tantsklass" Moscow dance school. His dance path started with boogie woogie in 2009. In the middle of 2013 Daniil began to learn solo jazz and later that year participated in his first solo jazz competitions, which he won. That's how one of his dance passion was born. Then international competitions, camps, lindy hop and teaching appeared in his life. Today Daniil is a Russian Lindy Hop champion, a winner of numerous Russian and international competitions in solo jazz and one of the most interesting dancers of Moscow swing dance scene. And for his solo dancing Daniil is looking for inspiration not only in authentic jazz, but also in many other styles whether it is Indian classical dancing, locking or ballet. Different dance styles complete each other, creating an interesting and unique style.

"True dancer does not dance some particular style. True dancer dances himself and the music."
Daniil Nikulin

Video 1 : Jazz Roots 2017 - Ksenia Parkhatskaya - Daniil Nikulin

Video 2 : Jazz Roots 2016 - Show Case 3 - Daniil Nikulin

Jazz Roots 2017 - Ksenia Parkhatskaya - Daniil Nikulin

Jazz Roots 2016 - Show Case 3 - Daniil Nikulin


Caleb Teicher, known for "super-charged energy and tossed-off charm" (The New Yorker), is an acclaimed choreographer, performer, and teacher based in New York City. Caleb began his dance career as a founding member of Michelle Dorrance's celebrated company, DorranceDance, in 2011. He was awarded a 2011 Bessie Award for Outstanding Individual Performance for Michelle Dorrance and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards' A Shared Evening at Danspace Project, and he continues to perform with the company. Other favorite performance credits include The Chase Brock Experience, Syncopated City Dance Company, The Bang Group, iLuminate, West Side Story (Int'l Tour and London), and Irma La Douce (City Center Encores). Alongside performing, Caleb works as a choreographer and collaborator for interdisciplinary work. Favorite collaborative credits include directing A Very Brief History of the United States at the Kennedy's Center Millennium Stage, and choreographing Ga(y)ze as part of NYU's Site-Specific Festival.

Currently an artist-in-residence at the American Tap Dance Foundation, he makes concert dance work under the banner of Caleb Teicher & Company. CT&Co has been presented by the American Tap Dance Foundation, Jersey Tap Festival, 92nd Street Y's Fridays at Noon, Gibney Dance, and others. Caleb teaches tap and theater dance at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center and continues to teach workshops and guest classes at various schools and festivals throughout the US. Most recently, he taught solo jazz workshops and performed at the Paris Jazz Roots Festival. Teicher was named one of Dance Magazine's 2012 "25 to Watch" and, recently, the winner of Dance Magazine's "Best Emerging Choreographer" in the 2016 Readers' Choice Awards.

Video 1 : Jazz Roots 2017 - The Great Show 3 - When You're Smiling

Jazz Roots 2017 - The Great Show 3 - When You're Smiling