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A handful of courses, some practise on your own, the basics under control, a few months of experience or maybe a little bit more. You have understood the fundamentals and are able to execute rhythms and patterns of basic lindy hop and charlestons. This level will both try to improve on the execution of fairly basic material, but also provide more challenging material.
You've got rhythm, quality of movement, and a whole mess of Lindy Hop moves. Your leading or following has smoothed out, and you look forward to improving your quality of movement and your musicality, as well as leader and follower connection at a more refined level. You're also interested in becoming more creative & musical, making your dancing into art!
You're a solid Lindy Hopper who has been dancing for several years and is considered a strong and skilled dancer. This level is for experienced dancers. We believe that students showing up at this level are confident, technically knowledgable and fairly fluent in the rhythmical language around the dance form. The material in circulation on this level will be challenging from all aspects: rhythmically, technically and tempo wise.
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