If at ANY point you're made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please speak to an organizer as soon as possible so that we can help you. Please take all of the following as a statement of intent to make everyone feel safe and comfortable - the goal is to have fun, let go of our worries and enjoy a weekend of dance!

Singapore Lindy Revolution is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery in social situations is not appropriate for any event venue, including dances, workshops, competitions, Twitter, Facebook, and other online media. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of the organizers.

No forms of harassment will be tolerated. Harassment includes offensive verbal comments (related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, OR religion), sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of workshops or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the event organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, ranging from warning the offender to expulsion from the event with no refund.

In doubt about what's harassing or inappropriate? Err on the side of caution. Bear in mind that boundaries are different when dancing versus when not dancing, and vary from person to person whether you're dancing or not.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of event staff immediately.

Event staff will be happy to help participants contact the organizers, or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance and your safety.

We expect all participants to follow these rules at dance and workshop venues.

Please do not offer unsolicited advice to fellow dancers either in class or on the social dance floor.

If someone declines to dance with you, that's OK. Accept it and go dance with someone else. If you want to say no to a dance with someone, then say no.

Please use your full range of senses on the dance floor to avoid accidental collisions and injuries. It is every dancer's responsibility to be aware of their own and their partner's movement and position, as well as the movement and position of the dancers surrounding them, in order to avoid all forms of dangerous contact.

Please be respectful to both event staff and studio staff, even if you are experiencing a personal frustration. Without the goodwill of these individuals, a smoothly functioning event is impossible.

Finally, be aware of your own boundaries and physical needs. Do not neglect your health, do remember to sleep, do wash your hands frequently, and do remember to take your meds if applicable.

Please DO NOT FILM ANYTHING DURING CLASSES without the instructors' express permission. Instructors may, at their option, allow you to fim a review at the end of classes. You MAY film competitions and performances as long as you do not obstruct others' enjoyment of the event.

This code of conduct is inspired by and based on the Lindy Focus Code of Conduct. We would like to thank them for taking the initiative and making the dance world a little bit safer, and we encourage you all to check out this great event at the end of the year!

* The above code was adapted and extracted via and Lindy Focus. Thank you!

Asking for or accepting a dance
Politely respond when people ask you to dance – you don’t always have to say yes, but you should always be polite in your response. It’s okay to say no when someone asks you to dance. Reciprocally, if someone says no to you, they have their reasons too. Try not to take it personally. See it as supporting your own license to say no! If you’re too tired to dance, politely explain this to the person asking (they’ll understand), and perhaps promise to dance with them later on.

Dancing with your partner
This is a social dance, so engage with your partner! Be aware of how they move…and have fun! If something goes wrong, just smile and keep dancing! Don’t blame your partner and don’t expect an apology, it was neither of your faults. Remember, there’s no such thing as a wrong move, just a new move!

Don’t dip a girl if you don’t know her (or her dance level) very well. Some girls feel very uncomfortable about dips since it completely throws off their natural balance. Be considerate, and if in doubt, end with something else.

Here’s a big one – never instruct on the social dance floor, unless specifically asked! We go to classes to learn, but we go out social dancing just to have fun!

Floor Craft
Leaders, it’s your job to keep your lady safe. Be aware of the environment around you, including the stage, furniture, bystanders, and of course other couples. Dance appropriately for how crowded the dance floor is and always be careful where you lead your partner. The same goes for ladies – try to be spatially aware, and keep an eye out for any dangers behind your partner’s back. If you do collide with another couple, be sure to apologise and make sure no damage has been done.

NEVER do aerials on a crowded social dance floor – it’s just plain dangerous, for you and for everyone around you. The same goes for dips, tricks jumps or kicks which might be bigger than your average moves. Use common sense, and save these aerials for the jam sessions. While we’re on the topic of aerials, remember that aerials are dangerous and difficult, and you should never attempt them unless you’ve been properly trained and are with a partner with whom you’re very familiar. The place for aerials is clearly in a Jam Circle, performance, competition (Strictly and Showcase only). You will be disqualified if aerial is executed in category such as J&J, Luck of the Draw, Mix n Match, Lindy Roulette or similar category. Clearly, this is because the partner which you danced with for the first time has not train or practice the aerial with you. This is dangerous and may result in serious injuries.

Swing dancing is a contact sport, and you can’t expect anyone to want to dance with you if you don’t have a certain level of cleanliness. Be sure you’re clean and deodorized before you start dancing. Bring your deodorant along with you, and let yourself cool down (and dry off) every now and again throughout the night. Breath mints aren’t such a bad idea either.

If you tend to sweat a lot, wear an undershirt, and always bring a change of shirt (or two or three!) and a towel. There’s nothing worse than Lindy Hop with someone dripping wet…except maybe Balboa with someone dripping wet! And we’re not just talking about the guys here, the same goes for ladies.

Try to wear appropriate clothing. In general, ladies, tops that reveal a large amount of midriff aren’t particularly appropriate, and some leads may not feel comfortable leading you on bare skin. Strapless tops aren’t usually a good idea, and the same goes for guys with tank tops and the like.

Make sure your clothing is comfortable and you have a full range of movement. Tops that are overly baggy can be difficult to dance in, and any clothing which you need to keep adjusting during a dance is not good.

Remove any potentially dangerous accessories (watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces) which might catch, tangle or hit someone while you dance. Don’t carry keys in your pocket when you dance! Dance in appropriate shoes with soles that allow you to move without slipping, and support you sufficiently. Ladies, be careful of long ponytails – no one likes to get whipped in the face with flying hair during spins and turns.

After the Dance
Though it doesn’t really need to be said, when the song is finished, thank your partner! With just a little commonsense and consideration, everyone can enjoy social dancing and get down to what it’s really about – doing the dance we love, making friends and always having fun! What do I do if…?

If you witness any behaviour that seems abusive, disrespectful, harassing, suspicious, unsafe, or behaviour that makes you or someone else feel uncomfortable for any reason, then you can (and should) do something.

If possible, raise your concern with the person/people involved. If that’s not possible, or it needs reporting, tell someone. Talk to your teacher. If the issue concerns your teacher and you want to talk to someone else, then please speak to the organiser directly or contact us via email at [email protected]. We will respond to your email as soon as we can and take it from there. There’s also a ‘Contact Us’ form on our website or the email addresses and contact numbers below. As the situation warrants, we reserve the right to take any action we deem necessary to deal with inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the organizers may result in actions ranging from a verbal warning to permanent exclusion from all Lindy Hop SG activities without refund.

Although these situations are extremely rare in our community, we take your concerns seriously. We’ll always make time for you and carefully consider any action that needs to be taken.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either via email, through the website, or by speaking with one of us.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this code of conduct. Together we’ll continue to build a dynamic and creative community of vintage and swing dance enthusiasts who keep each other safe, even as we strive for all possible fun and creative potential. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Contacting the Organisers

Pamela Tham : (65) 9794 8039 [email protected]

Taufan Rusli : (65) 83632858 [email protected]

Jingyi Heng : (65) 96973486 [email protected]

Desmond Khoh : (65) 98239394 [email protected]