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“The Lindy hop will be danced all over the world, to live big band music when possible or to recorded music when live music is not accessible. Everywhere that Lindy hop is danced, on the dance floors and off, people of diverse backgrounds will treat each other with respect and warmth. The history of the originators of the Lindy hop at the Savoy Ballroom will be made known to dancers and non-dancers everywhere.”

World Lindy Hop Day welcomes people from all walks of life, all ages, and from around the world to experience this exuberant African American social dance. Originating in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s and 1930s, the Lindy hop is done to the big band jazz of the era. While swing music is generally known, our goal is to spread the dance to a wider global arena. The universal language of the Lindy hop (aka swing dancing or jitterbug) features creative and exhilarating movements that allow partners to connect in a way that uplifts the spirit, promotes human connection, and develops generosity. It allows dancers to meet in a positive environment that supports the building of bridges on personal, community, and global levels.

Why May 26?
As one of the prime creators of the Lindy hop, and the most influential person in swing dance history, Frankie Manning’s birthday (May 26th, 1914) is a fitting marker for World Lindy Hop Day. Since the 1980s, his birthday has inspired special events across the globe in celebration of the man, the music, and the dance. Grounded in unity and collaboration, World Lindy Hop Day, celebrated every May 26th, encourages people from all different backgrounds to enjoy and share the many benefits of this joyous and enduring dance.

Singapore is proud to join in World Lindy Hop Day celebrations, with other Lindy Hop communities around the world



Fredrik Dahlberg and Mimmi Gunnarsson started social dancing at Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm. After many frequent visits, they started to perform in and around Stockholm - since 2012 as members of the dance company Harlem Hot Shots. Between rehersals and regular teaching at Chicago Swing dance Studio, they travel to perform and teach around the world. They get their inspiration from the old movies and loves the raw style of the Savoy ballroom. Watching them dancing and performing it's like they have been out of the old clips of the '30s! Fredrik is also known for singing and playing music at the Hornsgattan Ramblers.


Rikard Ekstrand was first inspired to start dancing in the early age of seven. Today it’s his life and his way of living. Best chance to see this dancing creature is to visit Stockholm, Sweden, where he’s most often found. His focus in swing dancing and teaching lies in the art of rhythm, music and partnering. Except from swing dancing, Rikard is a quite well known street dancer in Sweden. He sees swing dancing as an artform and a culture legacy. Recreation of old techniques and styles is what makes Rikard go wild. He calls himself a student more than a dancer. “In the school of dance and rhythm you will never be fully skilled”. In 2006 Rikard started his cooperation with the Harlem Hot Shots and in 2008 he became a member. Rikard also have a passion for competition, in which he has a long list of titles in both Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie


Patrik and Lizette started dancing together when they both moved to Stockholm, Sweden. Besides teaching they are also members of the famous swing dance company The Harlem Hot Shots. The genuine spirit of the swing era, and in perticular the dancing that came from the Savoy Ballroom and the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, have always been their main focus and inspiration. This style is what they bring to their perfomances, classes as well as their social dancing.


Lester's Blues lend their name from one of the most bittersweet songs by saxophonist Lester Young, arguably the greatest stylist that has been in jazz. Inspired by 1930's small band recordings of Count Basie and his alumni, Lester's Blues want to approach their music, style, vibe and effortless swing that changed the face of jazz with a fresh and vigorous touch. The septet is modelled after some of the bands the Count had: a four-piece rhythm section with piano and rhythm guitar, and three horns, composed of leading Belgian and Dutch seasoned jazz and swing players, each having earned their stripes through many years of gigging and practice. They will surely cater for a stomping party!




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